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  GoKickOff - The most enjoyable online football manager game  

Follow your dream of becoming a football manager!

GoKickOff is a wonderful online football management game. It offers you a challenging simulator
where you enjoy the experience of being a football manager, the most enjoyable job on the planet.
What's more, you can embrace the challenge of becoming the greatest manager for FREE!

The excitement begins when you take charge of a small and unknown club. Buy and sell players,
train your squad, devise tactics, manage your club's economy, compete with thousands of real
opponents, win titles, and do whatever it takes to bring your club to the top.

Tactically challenging football simulator!

GoKickOff is a strategic football game where
the decisions of a manager decides success
or failure in cups and leagues. You can
access the game 24/7.

Can be played anywhere!

It's easy to get started in GoKickOff, no
downloads are required so you can
play it from home and from work.
Join today - we're always looking
for new talent.

Massively multiplayer online game!

GoKickOff is a MMO game, capable of supporting thousands of players simultaneously. This allows
you to compete against thousands of real opponents from all over the globe.
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Game Season: 38
Country: 208
League: 3,118
Total Club: 50,284
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